If This Chair Could Talk

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‘Please Be Seated – More Historic Chairs and The Tales They Tell’ is the latest release in the series of books from publishing house Vind & Våg.  This great book gives chairs their well-deserved place in the limelight!   The author, Art Historian and Curator Gun Bjerkander Handberg, delves into the memories and experiences of an eclectic selection of chairs and the people who have lived with them concentrating on English and Swedish examples from the past three centuries.

53 VE37 News.jpg

From the opulent Rococo society chair and timeless Windsor rocker to the polycarbonate Phillipe Stark contemporary icon, each and every one of these seventeen chairs has its own story waiting to be told, with a fascinating cast of characters. Among those featured is a gilt chair that Humphrey Bogart may have sat on and beautifully simple Swedish farm chair. Written with knowledge, wit and great affection by Handberg, ‘Please Be Seated’ is an exquisite book for anyone with a passion for history and chairs. The perfect Christmas gift at £13.99 and available to purchase online (ISBN 978-0-9927084-8-1).


VE Magazine  http://www.vintagexplorer.co.uk



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