Chair Musings For The New Year

A very Happy New Year!

The New Year always brings reflections on the months and years passed and those that lie ahead, unknown and unwritten.  We are excited to bring charming and unique tales of more historic chairs over the next 12 months on the blog.  To begin 2018, we have selected a series of favourite chair quotations for you to enjoy.  Please add your own personal chair quotes in the comments section below and do share this blog with any other chair enthusiasts you may know!

Old chairs deserve to be taken care of. Straight-backed and with dignity and unfailing loyalty they support us throughout our lives, keep all our secrets, share all our joys and sustain us in our sorrows.

–  Gun Bjerkander Handberg


Chairs: it seems that old age may so affect some that they lose a leg, or even two.  An antique dealer was telling me that he had one with a leg missing, and bought an identical chair with two legs missing. So, he was able to make a complete chair!  What a story the chairs could tell!

– Anonymous

Chairs indoors,

And chairs outside

Objects of affection,

Sources of pride.

– Anonymous

Every forest has its glory,
Each meadow flowers gay.
Every chair, too, has its story
From its birth until today.

– Taken from the Swedish poem, ‘The Saga of the Heart’ by Sigurd, nom de plume of Alfred Hedenstierna, 1852–1906

A chair can be a living link to the past.  Even the distant past.  I would feel odd wearing a Greek chinton, and I wouldn’t know how to consult the sibyl of the oracle at Delphi, but like Achilles and Odysseus I can sit on a klismos, the ancient Greek chair.

Taken from ‘ Now I Sit Me Down’ by Witold Rybczynski

I rocked my children, fed my children and read them stories all upon the same old wooden rocking chair.  Before motherhood the chair had had no significant meaning to me, it was just furniture, inherited by my husband.  After motherhood the chair was a soothing place of comfort, always waiting for me, ready to carry my weight and silence the restless cries of my babies.

– Anonymous


Screenshot 2018-01-05 17.08.25

The only memory I have of my mothers’ mother is of her sitting in a dark chair in the front room of her house.

– Anonymous

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