A Thonet revival?

Ever since we published our blog post in May on the Thonet chair we are more and more convinced that wherever we turn, in the press, on Instagram or at our local cafe, they are there…..Thonet inspired chairs!



These images are from Instagram and they do look remarkably modern and in Vogue. So is there some kind of retro Thonet movement?


Yes, they are not originals and some are mass produced manufactured copies, but we rather like this homage to this fine designer and the style which is so classic and timeless.  What do you think?


In interior magazines, Thonet chairs appear to represent the new design standard if you wish to create the look of a modern eclectic stylish home. Well, why not?

So our question to you dear blog reader is…do you have a Thonet?  Have you been tempted by any of these reasonably priced reproductions?  We would love to see your photos or hear you Thonet chair tales as we are truly quite fascinated by this Thonet renaissance.

Warm wishes, wherever you are seated, The EDITOR

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