Crossword Give-away

The festive season of giving is now upon us 🌲and it is time for our Christmas give-away.

It has been a wonderful year with new followers reading and sharing their thoughts on the blog from around the globe!

This December, we are delighted to offer you a chance to win a copy of our most recent publication, Please Be Seated – More Historic Chairs and the Tales They Tell.

The crossword is inspired by the chair tales that author Gun Bjerkander Handberg has shared on the blog. A little detective work 🔎may be required, a look back over the chairs which have been explored on the blog but there are no answers that can not be found!

Christmas Crossword

It is easy to enter:

Simply send the answers 1-8 on an email to us by the December 16th.

We shall announce the winner on the blog on December 17th. A copy of our fabulous publication, Please Be Seated, will then be sent express to the winner in time for the holidays.

Good luck and remember that all the answers can be found on the blog!

By Gun Bjerkander Handberg

Note from the editor:

🌲 Christmas is coming 🌲 and it is a fantastic opportunity to give a charming book about Historic Chairs and the Tales They Tell to someone who has an interest in furniture, antiques or interiors.  There are 2 elegant book in the series and both are  written by the author of this blog, Gun Bjerkander Handberg, who is an Art Historian and Antique’s auctioneer.  The books are published by Vind & Våg Publishing House a boutique British publisher.

You can order both books online by following this link or by typing PLEASE BE SEATED HISTORIC CHAIRS into your search engine.

Thank you for supporting our blog by following, sharing and commenting🌲

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