A Tree Full of Love

Around the corner from where I walk my dogs each day is a little wood filled with wonderful pine trees.

Amongst all the lush green evergreen trees in the wood there stood a dead tree in a clearing.  The bark of the tree looked forlorn and worn down but as I walked closer I spotted something very special.

Red and purple hearts, had been attached to the trunk of the old tree.  It looked a little magical, almost an outpouring of love, honouring the dead tree for all the beauty and life it once possessed.  There were almost 30 hand cut paper hearts of different sizes fixed to the gnarly, weathered old trunk. 

Possibly some pre-school children had created the paper hearts, which joyfully wrapped around the trunk, as a class projects? It looked so special, capturing completely my feelings towards the trees that fill these woods and all living trees.  How clever of these children to shroud this old tree in such love!

Upon the floor in the woods, a few feet away from the old tree, lay a masklike curved section of bark.  It was possibly once proudly worn by the old tree, two eye-holes, where once big branches poked through. What wonderful times this tree must have seen, before the bark detached and the old tree stood stripped and bare.

We should all remember to take time to appreciate and honour trees; alive and thriving, old and dead, in the form of antique furniture and of course chairs. 

Gun Bjerkander Handberg

Note from the Editor:

We hope that you are all staying home and staying safe all over the world. Our normal chair blog will return in two weeks, but for now I hope you enjoyed this little uplifting moment shared by the author.

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