Please Be Seated – Winnie and Bessie

Our third book in the Please Be Seated series will soon be available to order online, though it will not be available in bookshops until Spring 2021.

Please Be Seated – Winnie and Bessie is a collection of twenty one beautifully told chair tales by the author of this blog, Gun Bjerkander Handberg.

Svea on a Rococo Armchair

Chairs are featured from around the globe including a Chippendale chair from Otley in Yorkshire, England and white painted garden chairs from the Polo Lounge, at the Beverley Hills Hotel, in the US. A set of late Gustavian chairs are features which are currently to be found in Kazakhstan, a Gothic Revival chair is found on a visit to the delightful stately home of Hartwell House in England and some very elegant chairs from the Swedish Academy in Stockholm.

The Globetrotting Chairs in Kazakhstan

In addition to the chairs, this book also features numerous dogs who also enjoy sitting on a good solid chair. Winnie and Bessie are the two black poodles who reside with author Gun Bjerkander Handberg, who both love a cosy seat. Gun has included some additional dogs who also enjoy finding a comfortable place to sit!

Miss Rosie Russell

This charming final book in the series of historic chairs tales is a fabulous end to the trilogy. If you have enjoyed the writing and stories found in this blog then you might enjoy one of these charming hardback books.

Note From The Editor:

We are so thrilled and delighted to be able to release this third book in the Please Be Seated series and continue to see this blog being read all over the globe. It is nice to know that there is something we can continue to do and find pleasure in despite being distanced from friends and family and possibly stuck at home!

You can find books by the author Gun Bjerkander Handberg online featuring more historic chair tales. The latest book is, Please Be Seated – Winnie & Bessie ISBN: 978-0-9927084-9-8

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