Please Be Seated – Historic Chairs and The Tales They Tell and the sequel, More Historic Chairs are glorious unique publications exploring a diverse selection of chairs. Full of historical fact, wit, fabulous images & charming anecdotes these books are a coffee table must for anyone with an interest in antiques & history. This blog is penned by the author Gun Bjerkander Handberg as she shares more of her delightful & insightful tales of beloved chairs she has located around the world!

Image Features Author Gun Bjerkander Handberg At Her Recent Book Launch At Hatchards Booksellers, September 2017
Please Be Seated – Historic Chairs  ISBN: 978-0-9927084-7-4
Please Be Seated – More Historic Chairs  ISBN: 978-0-9927084-8-1

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  1. Greetings from Kazakhstan!

    It was a pleasure to read an article which made me wish to visit the museum with my daughter who is at the age when I was there for the first time (10-11 y.o.) and to feel it’s atmosphere once again.

    It’s incredible how small the world may seem sometimes when we encounter coincidences such as similar chairs that connect such faraway countries!

    I would like to thank Ms.Bjerkander Handberg and express my appreciation for not only trying to trace the history of these chairs all the way to Kazakhstan, but thoroughly studying Saken Seifullin’s life and his place in the country’s history.


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